CirComp Products AIRSTRUT®

Advanced composite technologies in aircraft

Latest aircraft design requires advanced composite aerostructures to achieve the challenges of sustainability and reduced direct operating costs.

CirComp consistently improve and develop lightweight AIRSTRUT® composite rods, as e. g. tie rod, control rod and composite struts, with form locking load transmission, to meet ambitious requirements for example with carbon fibre reinforced tie rod for aerospace application.

CirComp offers the complete design, certification, development, manufacturing and assembly of a number of light weight composite rod systems. The design of CirComp AIRSTRUT® components incorporates light weight, secureness and durability in consideration of all certification requirements.

CirComp Products AIRSTRUT®

Designs & technologies

CirComp leverages its extensive composite manufacturing expertise and technology facilities to provide its customers with improved cost, weight and performance composite products that enhance operating requirements. The patented AIRSTRUT® composite rods and struts are manufactured in series production based on FilaWin® technology. The CirComp own FilaWin® filament winding technology convince with the particular efficiency combined with at the same time excellent resin impregnation, high fibre volume contents and excellent laminate qualities.

A variety of application is supplied due to the modular system of AIRSTRUT® mainly approached by the low product weight, the option of assembly diverse fork ends and the on-site adjustability of length.